I took a small break from blogging, giving me time to hone my talents in other areas. I am currently learning something I thought of as far too difficult to undertake: breaking. I always loved the raw power involved in breaking as well as the thuggish persona b boys incorporate into their dancing, but I  perceived it as a practice for men. In reality, much of breaking is about balance, flexibility, and persistence– and those qualities can be found equally in any sex.

One of my favorite breaking videos is a Nike advertisement starring b girl Sofia. It might seem lame to buy into a commercial, but I fell in love with her style and acrobatic prowess. I noticed in the comments, though, that some people claimed she isn’t a bgirl. “Where’s the footwork?” they asked.  I see footwork in the video, but I also see ballet and contemporary dancing mixed in, and I like it.

One of my preliminary issues in learning to break is getting the “b girl attitude” down. My steps are too loose and jumpy; my face too prone to smiling. Other than Sofia and a few others, most b girls seem to look exactly like the boys and even dance exactly like the boys.  While I’d like to master the actual breaking style, a little voice persists saying “that’s not you.” I told a friend this and her reply was “If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t do it. Find some other form of dance.” But, I can’t! My desire to master the unattainable is too great. Also, I believe I can have both. I will study the classics and add my own twist. I do wonder if I should learn more about the history of breaking and study its culture.  There’s something about me that makes me want to jump all-in to new activities. Still, I think I’ll perfect an complete combination before I run out and purchase an entire b girl wardrobe. Videos of my progress to come!


image: Sofia Boutella for Nike taken from  http://bboyingstepforbeginners.blogspot.com/