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I remember when days were boring. When, amidst the chaos of life, tasks like chores were painstaking. I remember loathing laundry and dishes, but now, with life simplified, these mindless tasks provide an opportunity to simply “be.”  They are times to meditate, times to find new music and rejoice in it, times to enjoy the warmth of towels freshly dried and catch a kitty staring with its tongue out. Time to realize that who you are is exactly who you ought to be. The indescribable magic of laundry time!



I can’t get over this scent and its beautiful packaging! It’s called So Hooked on Carmella by Benefit and it smells like a vanilla caramel latte. I found it at Sephora and, as the named promised, I am  so hooked!

Everyone has certain things they’ve done in the past that they aren’t proud of. It’s amazing how, even after so much time has passed, the selfish and unkind actions we’ve taken can still haunt us. For that reason, I think we owe it to ourselves and others to just spit it out and apologize.

I had a falling out with a friend of mine about 4 years back. Things turned especially nasty due to how close we’d been beforehand. During, and even for a few months after the fight, I thought myself completely blameless. In my mind, my actions were none of her business and I felt she was being nosy and judgmental. Not long after I’d wreaked havoc on a wonderful friendship, I realized she was right. I had acted without regard for others, as if my feelings were the only ones that mattered, and I had seen her criticisms in the harshest light possible, when really she was just reacting with disappointment to what someone she’d had so much faith in had done. After I saw that, I beat myself up for my former stupidity. I cried at random times and got jealous when our mutual friends had a pleasant interaction with her. I even tried to let the guilt go cold turkey. I did everything but what I should have done: apologize.

Guess what happened when I finally did apologize to her. She apologized back! Apparently she had been feeling some similar things, and because we were both open and shared we got caught up on each other’s lives, and it put us both at ease. We may never be the amazing friends we once were (we currently live on opposite sides of the U.S.), but at least we can associate each other with the positive times and let all that stressing and regret go. What a relief!

So, if you’re feeling guilty or estranged go ahead and take a leap! Even if you have to avoid a face-to-face conversation, just do it. A letter, e-mail, phone call, or Facebook message can be just as rewarding without making you shake in your boots. Whichever method you choose, trust me, it’s worth it.

To be honest, I wrote this post to give myself the courage to do some much-needed apologizing, and I think I’m finally ready. I hope this helped someone else do what needs to be done, as well. Wish me luck!

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Word of the Day: Moribund

Humanized "Corpse Bride" by Malro-doll


[mawr-uh-buhnd, mor-] 



in a dying state; near death.

on the verge of extinction or termination.

not progressing or advancing; stagnant: a moribund politicalparty.
1715–25;  < Latin moribundus  dying, equivalent to mori-  (stemof morī  to die) + -bundus  adj. suffix

Related forms

mor·i·bun·di·ty, noun
mor·i·bund·ly, adverb
un·mor·i·bund, adjective
un·mor·i·bund·ly, adverb

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Textual Quote: When the Declaration of Independence was written, a way of thinking about the individual appeared which completely reversed all the old ideas. The individual would be master of his own fate. Kings were just ordinary mortals. Government would be the servant and not the master of men.  Discovery renewed the thinking of the Declaration. In 1962, Jasper Crane, a vice president of DuPont said that the government established as the fruit of the American Revolution, though fashioned after the nature of man, “wasn’t appreciated. The meaning of liberty was unknown and our heritage was almost wasted away. Then, a book appeared called The Discovery of Freedom. A new literature developed and has now reached great and influential volume.” He meant that this book laid the conceptual groundwork for virtually the entire libertarian school of thought., as well as for much of the then (and now moribund) post-war “conservative” movement.
-The epic Introduction to The Discovery of Freedom written by Roger Lea MacBride

bogdanalbei by Bruno Ricardo

Famous quote: How can the moribund old man reason back to himself the romance, the mystery, the imminence of great things with which our old earth tingled for him in the days when he was young and well?
-William James
Just to get you excited about  Autumn and Halloween far too far in advance!

Grass is Greener

How Frail The Human Heart Must Be by Liz Poage

“It’s time to go already?” K  frowned and started to pack away her things.

“What? It’s been a great morning. For me, anyway. I found $5, got half a shirt ironed, and caught up on the Dexter I passed out during last night.” B raced down the stairs and out to her car, ready to face the day.

K wasn’t so ready yet. She left the house a few minutes after B that morning, owing to the fact that it took her so long to untie and retie her double-knotted shoes, brush her teeth with her finger, and triple check that she didn’t leave her phone behind. As K stepped outside, the birds in B’s neighborhood called in a minor and eerie tone , their intricate trills captivating K as she strode to her car at a steady pace. Her posture was precise and tall, unlike herself. She gazed up at the birds, meeting them head on even while they took her breath away. This day is foreboding. The birds are setting the scene; warning me of something.She surveyed the surrounding area, wondering what cruel joke might lie ahead. What would she lose? What would she face? The world seemed to be spinning for a minute, when suddenly, she grabbed hold of it and turned it on its head. Oh, but wait, that’s pure superstition. The universe must be playing a trick on me.  K started up the car and blasted her techno music, drowning out nature’s pull on her mind.

When she arrived in her own neighborhood, she walked at the same steady pace, but the birds here called out to her as friends. Her steps landed on soft, vibrant green grass and the toads croaked, hopping away to create a pathway. The cicadas shifted in the trees and she realized how good it is to be home.



Photo: How Frail The Human Heart Must Be by Liz Poage

b girl bookwyrm

I took a small break from blogging, giving me time to hone my talents in other areas. I am currently learning something I thought of as far too difficult to undertake: breaking. I always loved the raw power involved in breaking as well as the thuggish persona b boys incorporate into their dancing, but I  perceived it as a practice for men. In reality, much of breaking is about balance, flexibility, and persistence– and those qualities can be found equally in any sex.

One of my favorite breaking videos is a Nike advertisement starring b girl Sofia. It might seem lame to buy into a commercial, but I fell in love with her style and acrobatic prowess. I noticed in the comments, though, that some people claimed she isn’t a bgirl. “Where’s the footwork?” they asked.  I see footwork in the video, but I also see ballet and contemporary dancing mixed in, and I like it.

One of my preliminary issues in learning to break is getting the “b girl attitude” down. My steps are too loose and jumpy; my face too prone to smiling. Other than Sofia and a few others, most b girls seem to look exactly like the boys and even dance exactly like the boys.  While I’d like to master the actual breaking style, a little voice persists saying “that’s not you.” I told a friend this and her reply was “If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t do it. Find some other form of dance.” But, I can’t! My desire to master the unattainable is too great. Also, I believe I can have both. I will study the classics and add my own twist. I do wonder if I should learn more about the history of breaking and study its culture.  There’s something about me that makes me want to jump all-in to new activities. Still, I think I’ll perfect an complete combination before I run out and purchase an entire b girl wardrobe. Videos of my progress to come!


image: Sofia Boutella for Nike taken from